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Atlanta Botanical Garden Canopy Walkway Re-Build

Atlanta, Georgia

Stanley D. Lindsey & Associates, Ltd (SDL) provided shoring designs and erection sequencing plans for the re-build of the Atlanta Botanical Garden pedestrian walkway. The walkway is a unique structure consisting of a steel spline and concrete deck that are supported by four cable masts, thus providing the exhilarating experience of walking through the treetops of one of the last remaining urban forests in Atlanta. Due to the variable terrain of the site, SDL produced a building information model of the bridge and shoring structure that incorporated a three dimensional terrain map to accurately lay out each shoring tower and associated bracing. SDL’s documents also provided designs for the cable tensioning jack stands and a step-by-step process for erection and tensioning of the cable masts. A complete staged analysis of the walkway construction, concrete placement, and cable tensioning was performed to accurately determine shoring loads and cable tensions. Presentations were also developed and given to the contractor and owner at key stages in the process to convey the erection plan to all parties involved.