McLeod Regional Medical Center ICU Tower Truss Erection

Florence, South Carolina

McLeod Regional Medical Center proposed the construction of a new ICU tower in the location of their existing cafeteria and central utility plant; however, due to the extreme difficulty and expense associated with shutting down the utility plant for an entire hospital complex, the new building was supported by a grid of 19 transfer trusses that had to be erected over the existing and fully operational building. Each truss weighs up to 365,000 pounds and several included splices to be completed over the existing hospital. Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates, Ltd (SDL) was hired to provide erection services for this operation. These services involved working closely with the erector to provide a complete step-by-step staging sequence for the truss erection. Stability analysis was performed at each stage of the erection for gravity loads and construction wind loading. SDL also worked closely with the fabricator and provided connection concepts and construction loads for connection design including temporary splicing connections. SDL also provided crane layout and configuration plans for each crane location. In addition to the crane layout plans, a 3D Revit-based erection sequence plan was provided to illustrate each erection step. Intense coordination was required between all parties, and SDL provided several presentations including animations of crane locations and pick sequencing to clearly communicate the plan to the contractor and owner