RSA Judicial Building Truss Erection

Montgomery, Alabama

In order to facilitate the erection of three 144-foot long, two-story tall transfer trusses over the top of the existing historic judicial building in Montgomery, Alabama, Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates, Ltd. (SDL) developed and designed a unique temporary overhead shoring system.  This shoring system consisted of dual W36 outrigger beams with hanging rods controlled by hydraulic jacks that were used to control deflections and hold the trusses at their correct elevations during each step of the erection process.  As part of the design, SDL provided all necessary details to fabricate the erection system as well as a 3D Revit-based erection sequence plan with corresponding erection steps and estimated shoring loads and deflections at each key step.  The erection process went as planned, and the 250-ton trusses now support eight floors and a roof over the top of the existing building.  Additional information may be found at:  Modern Steel Construction:   Sky Hooks.