The project consists of a multi-level structure of approximately 90,000 square feet with a fully operational theater with working stage, an orchestra shell, lobby area, and projection and control rooms. The Performing Arts Center houses one large theater, a large rehearsal room, a green room and a back of house area.  The building is actually two structures separated by an acoustical expansion joint.  The structure consists of concrete frames and shear walls supporting concrete floor slabs at various levels. Levels include parterre, mezzanine, and balcony seating as well as mezzanine and balcony lobbies.  The roof over the theater is 2” deck with 6” concrete slab and the walls of the theater are 8” concrete masonry, both acting as sound barriers.  A rigging grid is provided over the stage, and a system of catwalks frames suspends above the seating space.  Another special feature is the underground utility tunnel up to 8’ in diameter.