Construction Administration

The Construction Administration Department at SDL consists of licensed Professional Engineers, known as Field Engineers, with a full-time dedication to all phases of the construction of building structures. The Field Engineers have decades of experience with structural materials, structural member detailing and connections, the submittal process, preconstruction meetings, structural member installation, jobsite observations, construction problem solving and materials testing. This engineering department is well equipped to help ensure that the structural portions of each project are constructed in accordance with the design intent, as set forth in the contract drawings and specifications and to respond rapidly and competently to structural issues that arise in the construction process.

When a structural design and contract documents are at, or near completion, an SDL Field Engineer is assigned to that project. This person collaborates closely with the SDL Design Engineer to become thoroughly familiar with the project so that they can seamlessly transition into the project team. This “fresh set of eyes” and construction oriented perspective provides an additional layer of quality control and detailing for the project. As construction begins, the Field Engineer initiates contact with the general contractor’s project managers, field superintendent and the material’s testing and special inspection agency to conduct preconstruction meetings for the structural aspects of the project. From there, the response to project RFl’s, review of shop drawings, jobsite visits and the on-call availability for discussions of structural construction issues and challenges are the responsibility of this department. A written report is issued for each project site visit, discussing the items that were observed during the time on site and deficiencies which are to be addressed by the contractor. Solutions issued from the office based upon correspondence are typically documented in email which copy all pertinent member of project team.