Structural Engineering & Design

Throughout history, Structural Engineers have been designing and building sophisticated and increasingly larger structures. SDL’s Structural Engineers are experts at solving problems, meeting challenges and providing creative engineering solutions by working alongside our civil engineers and architects as part of a construction team.

SDL’s structural engineering and design approach was founded on the concept of “Figure out how to make it work, not why it won’t”, and we hold true to that ideal today.  Our structural engineers and BIM coordinators are production-oriented and actively involved in innovative design, research and analysis. Several of our structural engineer creators of the firm serve on national committees developing structural design codes and standards for the industry.

SDL uses the latest version of Autodesk Revit to create and document models of new facilities. The models created include the main structural elements and miscellaneous structural elements that could contribute to conflicts with other trades. Having the structure modeled in BIM allows for conflict checks and coordination with other trades minimizing issues found during construction on a project. The firm is heavily involved in creating custom libraries to model various structural elements and has a complete Revit detail library for use on projects. Technical knowledge applied through a lens of practicality and constructibility is the basis for design at SDL. Our structural engineer and designers have designed countless projects in concrete, post-tensioned concrete, structural steel, masonry, wood, cold-formed steel, deep foundation and shallow foundation systems. Every engineering project is unique; however, the guiding structural concepts and principles are consistent.